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Preventing Radicalization and Peace Building

Project Name : Preventing Radicalization and Peace Building
Implementing Organization : Better World Organization for Community Development
Funded by : Foreign Ministry of Finland in cooperation with Diaconia University of Finland
Period of implementation :1st September to 30th November, 2018

Activities implemented

First Activity
Five-day training on Peace and coexistence was conducted by a professional trainer for 20 youth from 3 different religions (Islam, Christianity, and Yazidi). The training started on Tuesday 11th September, 2018. It lasted for 5 days; ended on Sunday 16th September, 2018. The participants were awarded with Certificates at the end of the training. The training was implemented in Student center- University of Duhok. In addition to the 5 day training, two sessions conducted on 24th and 25th September, for the same group of participants. The first session was about UNSCR 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. The second one was about leadership and how young people can play important role in their communities.
Second Activity
BWOCD prepared a visit to Islamic and Christian affairs departments and Yazidian Lalish center in Duhok for the 20 youth who participated in the previous training. The aim of this activity was to make these participants familiar with the work and activities of these places and to create social cohesion between the attendees of different religions and backgrounds. This visit provided our participants with the peace messages the three religions carry and work for. As a visit gift and a massage of peace, BWOCD awarded some beautiful plants as to each of the three entities.
Third Activity
During the Five-day training, the 20 participants were divided into 4 groups each of 5 members to perform an activity about peace in public locations on the occasion of World Peace Day 21st September. Each two groups were leaded by a staff of BWOCD. Our staff provided the groups with their needs for the activity they choose. This activities conducted on 22nd September, 2018.
First group (Zheela, Stevin, Ashti, Zainab and Duniya): they chose Barzani Park for conducting their activity which was spreading peace among people from the community through distributing flowers with positive expressions attached and asking people to write their opinions on peace.
Second Group (Hozan, Dhoha, Zheeman, Shaimaa, Nizar): this group conducted an activity for children who suffer from Thalassemia in Hivi Hospital for children. They distribute color pens and drawing books among the children and read stories for them.
Third Group (Nasreen, Nori, Hassan, Duniya, Nora): This group wrote peace letters and attached them with flowers. They chose some children with different ethnicities and religions to distribute them in Dilshad Park in Duhok. This idea was very welcomed by the people who were present at the Park.
Fourth Group (Warveen, Gida, Ali, Naxsheen, and Payam): this group conducted their activity in Azadi Park in Duhok. They did the same idea of distributing flowers with positive vibes to the people from the society in Azadi Park.
Fourth Activity
Organizing a workshop on how to work together for preventing radicalization and peacebuilding was the last activity of peace day campaign project. 30 People from governmental entities, Civil NGOs, and active youth who work in peacebuilding attended this workshop. The workshop embraced four basic axes (Education, Law, Religion, and Community). During this workshop the participants were divided into groups according to the four axes. First round, they made group discussions on the definitions of peace and radicalization and many points were raised about the situation of the region and what can be changed for preventing violence and radicalization. Then each group selected one person to present the groups’ opinions. Then the members were exchanged between groups and they shared their opinions in group discussions. At the end, the attendees asked an extensive report on the points being discussed as the result of this workshop for doing similar activities and projects. Each group provided their recommendations and some ideas of projects. The organization will work on the recommendations and plan to implement the ideas shared.