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Our Team

Walaa M. Ahmed

Walaa Ahmed is the Founder and Director of Better World Organization. Born in 1991 in Duhok City, at an early age of 17, she started voluntary work to support her community. Early in 2014, Walaa joined humanitarian efforts supporting the emergency response efforts to help IDPs and later, in 2017, founded BWO. Walaa was selected to represent Iraq/Kurdistan in the UNAOC (United Nations Alliance for Civilization) fellowship program as a 2018 MENA fellow, where she learned and strengthened her network through visits to the USA and Europe. Walaa was awarded “one of the most influential students” by the University of Duhok in May 2018.

Kawther Mohammed Saeed

Kawther Mohammed Saeed is a member in Board Management of Better World organization working in the position of Director Deputy. Kawther has graduated from English language and literature department from Duhok university, with about five years of experience in her position, where she has the role of supervision to different project teams and activities, she is involved in improving organizational management and improvement.

Payman Jameel Hassan

Payman Jameel Hassan is a member in Board of Management of Better World organization and acting as Operational Manager. Payman is the graduate of University of Duhok Finance and Banking department, and has master degree in science of finance from IIUM university in Malaysia. Payman has six years’ experience in finance management and two years’ experience of operation management where she is managing finance, logistic/procurement, and HR departments. One of main area that Payman is focusing and contributing in Better World is policy and system development of the operation departments.

Soleen Abdulwahid Othman

Soleen Abdulwahid Othman is a member in Board Management of Better World organization and works as a Capacity Building officer with Better World Organization, she has the responsibility of conducting capacity needs assessment of the teams, develop a capacity development plan and ensure its timely implementation. She has also the role of filed supervision where she is providing on-job mentoring to field staff to ensure qualitative work is achieved and Do No Harm approach is respected.

Rozheen Idrees Abid

Rozheen Idrees Abid is a member in Board Management of Better World organization. As a motivated young person, Rozheen’s journey into the realm of NGOs began at BWO, and her enthusiasm for learning and her dedication to enhancing the Kurdish community are evident in her quick learning and ambitious nature. Rozheen currently works as a capacity-building officer in a specific three years project of the organization. But despite of this specific role, she is engaged in supporting the implementation of the organization activities and initiatives.

Hidra Yalda Yaqoob

Hidra Yalda Yaqoob is a member in Board Management of Better World organization. She is working as Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. She is graduated from University of Duhok, college of Law and Politics, Hidra has 10 years of experience in humanitarian field, in different positions all relevant to management and supervision. Hidra is mostly focusing on developing the M&E department to ensure the organization has policies that ensures the transparency, accountability and quality of the work of BWO.