Walaa M. Ahmed

Director and Founder of Better World Organization (BWOCD)

Kawther M.saeed

Has the responsibility of assisting General Manager, preparing reports and attending meetings.

Mohammed R. Hassan

responsible for coordinating, consolidating, and ensuring smooth implementation of and adherence to logistic and procurement procedures, Fleet management warehouse activities, and provides logistical support to EMMA Projects in Duhok

Payman J. Hassan

Oversee the financial operations of the organization and ensure timely and accurate financial reports. Responsible for maintaining all financial records for projects and for the organization .

Soleen Abdulwaheb

Responsible for helping prticipants reach decisions and accomplish goals, participate
in the design and implementation of psychosocial and child-friendly activities with child-friendly space and youth.

Yassir Izzadin

Responsible for the website and social media. Check computer hardware & software to ensure functionality.

Rozheen I. Abid

perform administrative tasks according to the instructions of their project managers and ensure smooth communication between all relevant parties. They are often involved in all project phases, which results in a broad range of tasks.