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Unleashing the transformative potential of creativity and youth in tackling climate change through the fusion of innovative technology. Our mission is to forge a dynamic alliance between these forces, driving sustainable development for a better future.

Climate Change and Technology

Climate change is a pressing concern that exposes us all to unforeseen risks. Simultaneously, technology is rapidly advancing in various domains. Therefore, at Better World, we strive to understand how to effectively address both climate change and technological advancements and to establish a connection between them to ensure sustainable development. On one hand, we prioritize raising awareness among targeted communities about climate change. We aim to educate and inform individuals about the causes, impacts, and potential solutions related to climate change. By enhancing their understanding, we empower them to actively contribute towards mitigating its effects. On the other hand, we recognize the importance of equipping youth with the necessary technological skills. We focus on enhancing their proficiency in advanced approaches and tools that can be utilized to address climate change, as well as other global and regional issues that are central to our mission. By providing youth with the knowledge and capabilities to leverage technology effectively, we enable them to take meaningful action toward combatting climate change and promoting sustainable development. Through our integrated approach, we aim to bridge the gap between climate change awareness and technological proficiency, fostering a generation of informed individuals who can utilize technological advancements as a means to address environmental challenges and contribute to a sustainable future.

“I have never taught and worked with a group that is more active and smarter than this group of girls from Better World Organization course, these young girls inspired me to dedicate my time more for promoting women in technology. Women has proved that they can work in all fields it is time that women shine in the field of technology”. The Robotic Club female trainer in Duhok
“I didn’t expect in the beginning of the course that I will be able to learn that much quickly! I am much more interested now! I am planning to advance my skills in the field of programing and coding. I feel that this will shape a better future to me” the quotation from a 16 years old girl from Duhok city.”

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