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Our Story

Why BWOCD Established:

The humanitarian context in Iraq after ISIL conflict in 2014 and the need of IDP communities.

Youth for development and social change.

The need of women participation in leadership.

In 2014, a significant influx of survivors from ISIS massacres in Sinjar sought refuge in Duhok. Witnessing this humanitarian crisis, the compassionate residents of Duhok extended their hospitality by opening their hearts and homes to those in need. Notably, the younger members of the community took immediate action, offering assistance to the displaced individuals. They demonstrated their commitment by engaging directly with the survivors, providing essential supplies, cleaning and preparing suitable accommodations. These impactful acts of kindness deeply resonated with Walaa M. Ahmed, the visionary behind the establishment of Better World. She recognized the innate desire within young people to effect positive change and sought to amplify their efforts. Thus, in 2017, the Better World Organization was founded with a small but dedicated group of motivated young volunteers who shared a common vision of fostering a peaceful and harmonious world. Driven by passion, sincerity, and creativity, the Better World Organization embarked on a transformative journey. Their objective was to support vulnerable communities through innovative, sustainable, and impactful means. Going beyond immediate relief measures, they aimed to implement projects and initiatives that would have enduring benefits for individuals and communities alike. As the organization grew, attracting more volunteers and supporters, their capacity to make a meaningful difference expanded. The Better World Organization’s distinguishing characteristics became their unwavering dedication, genuine sincerity, and innovative approach, setting them apart from other organizations in their field. The story of Better World epitomizes hope, resilience, and the transformative power of collective action. It serves as a testament to how a small group of committed individuals can inspire change and rally others to their cause. Through their unwavering efforts, Better World aspires to build a brighter future for vulnerable communities, contributing to a more peaceful and harmonious global landscape.

Our Vision

A world where women, girls, and youth, have their rights protected, are free from violence and discrimination, and can lead independent and empowered lives within a harmonious society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the rights of women, girls, and youth, ensuring their independence, empowerment, and freedom from violence and discrimination. We strive to create a community that embraces acceptance and respect, regardless of religious, or ethnical differences.

Our Values

Humanity – Dignity – Justice – Excellency – Sincerity