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Unleashing the power within, we create safe spaces for women and girls to express themselves fully. Our work is centered on enabling them to explore their potential and become active, positive contributors to their families and communities.

Violence against Women and Girls’ Prevention and Response

Through nurturing their voices, we break barriers and challenge stereotypes, paving the way for transformative leadership and a more inclusive society. Together, we empower women and girls to embrace their inner strength and shape a brighter future

In numerous regions of Iraq and Kurdistan, girls unfortunately face barriers to education and are often unable to complete their studies. Child and forced marriages continue to occur, while physical and emotional violence is prevalent, perpetrated by fathers, brothers, and husbands. Our organization is dedicated to preventing violence against women and girls. We strive to create a protective environment where they are shielded from violence, have their rights upheld, and can access necessary services to ensure they live with dignity. We offer a safe space specifically designed for women and girls, where we provide survivor-centered support through case management. We aim to ensure that survivors receive the necessary assistance they need. Within our organization’s projects, we also connect survivors to other available services, as outlined below. In cases where certain services are not available within our organization’s interventions, we additionally provide referrals to ensure survivors can access the support they require.

“I used to be a shy and hesitant girl, always hiding inside my tent, afraid to step out and interact with people. But then, something incredible happened. My neighborhood friends, who were attending these amazing life skill workshops, couldn’t stop talking about how transformative the sessions were. Their enthusiasm sparked a curiosity within me, and when I discovered that the workshops had gone online, I made up my mind to join in. And let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made! These sessions not only helped me break out of my shell, but they also empowered me to embrace my true potential. The knowledge and skills I gained were truly life-changing. In fact, I was so inspired that I even decided to participate in leadership programs as well. Now, I can confidently say that I am a completely different person. I’m no longer afraid to walk through crowded places or engage in meaningful conversations with others. These workshops have opened doors for me that I never even knew existed. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to grow, learn, and unlock your hidden potential, I highly recommend joining these life skill workshops and leadership programs. Trust me, they can make a world of difference in your life, just like they did in mine!”

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  • In the occasion of 16 Days of Activism Gender-Based Violence Campaign , Better World organization with support of IOM conducted a number of different activities at Kabartu 1 camp , including: – Opening ceremony of a tent that was one of volunteers projects that included many activities like talking about violence against women and showing abilities of some able women in the camp as a main focus of the ceremony,some speeches and some recreational activities in addition to distributing certificates on participants of a number of trainings and activities that have been conducted. – A seminar about violence against women by Dr. Ismail Babekr Bamerni. – A marathon in the camp with raising some themes and mottos on women rights that’s have been taken from the participated women tongues.

  • Better World Organization celebrated “International Women’s Day” in Kabartu 1 camp. The event included many different activities like narrating some globally famus success stories in addition to some participant’s stories and some other small activeties.