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Highlights from our 2023 year.

Let’s highlight our 2023 year. It was a unique year for Better World Organization because it was time to celebrate our achievements. It was a year where the hard work of the organization was acknowledged at local and global level. We reaped what we sow. Thank you @One Young World for the opportunity and giving space to our amazing founder and director to talk about us.

This year accentuated that by adhering to our values, despite of all the difficulties, is the key to success.

This year taught us to never be afraid of taking decisions, but rather to be brave to face the reality and change it to better through truth and transparency. We have learned that communication is the solution always! So we encouraged everyone to talk about their feelings, thoughts and experiences. We have tried our best to create a healthy space where everyone included and valued. We also strongly fought gossiping and considered it red line in the organization family.

It is also important to highlight that it was a year of improvement at all levels. We have developed our policies and systems to adhere to more advanced and internationally recognized standards. We have supported and encouraged our employees and volunteers to participate in many capacity building programs nationally and internationally. One of main achievements under this, our organization has been selected among only four other organizations in the MENA region to participate in “The Strengthening Operational Capacity of Local and National NGOs for Better Response and Coordination During Humanitarian Crisis” project that aims to support the efforts of strengthening the capacity of local and national Non-Governmental Organizations.

The organization was able to expand its network and was able to add four new donors to its partnership list. We are thankful to all our donors and partners who made this successful journey possible. At the top of the list UNICEF, SOS, HIA, Care and IOM. This year has been even more special because of their positive feedback and appreciation to our work.

This year has also confirmed to us that women have unlimited power and potential. Better World organization is a great example in showing the women success in leadership.

We will forever remember all those who are supporting us, and specifically those who take our hands when we fall down! Those who believe in us and trust that we are able to go on. Those who truly celebrate our success as they are part of it.

We are proud of every single employee and volunteer for being so passionate to learn and grow and also to help and give all their power into their work to make a positive change.

We are grateful for our amazing participants of every single activity in every different locations in Duhok and Ninewa. Without their passion and commitment of learning this work would not be possible.

We also would like to acknowledge that it was also a painful year for the world. Thousands of people lost their lives as result of wars, floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters. And thousands more are living in pain whether for being disabled or for losing their loved ones and their safe homes. Thousands have been displaced and are suffering lack of services. This year confirmed how much more we all need to do to make this world a better place. We need more equality, more humanity and more peaceful leaders.

Today more than ever the world needs more examples of Better World organization to have a better world for all.