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Empowering Women Interaction

The project is a three month project founded by IOM (International Organization for Migration). The project has started from 1st September 2018 and will continue to the end of November 2018. 

This project is to create a platform for women of (20-35) years of age in Kabartu 1 camp in which they have space to express and develop their skills. Through this project the women participants are gaining life skills and psychosocial support through exploring their thoughts, fear, hopes, and ideas towards a better future with the help of peer support structures. 

Women are encouraged to explore their identities as positive influencers and contributors to the society through PSS and life skills peer support groups. A contextualized, integrated peer structure curriculum will teach women about life skills, peace building and reconciliation, resiliency, decision making, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, and effective communication. The interactive course will directly influence the psychosocial state of the women as they gain confidence through session’s presentation and community driven initiative.

Project Achievements

Capacity Building for project field staff on different topics such as GBV, Facilitation techniques, Life skills, and Peace Education.
4 peer support groups were established in the targeted location, consisted of 10 members.
A final gathering ceremony was carry out for peer groups. The four groups presented their experience with this project, what they have learned and achieved, in presence of their community.
Another part of the project was; awareness activities which included awareness sessions and outreach (door to door).

Closing Ceremony

Better World organization for Community Development held a small closing ceremony on the occasion of the end of ( Empowering Women Interaction through Peer Support Groups) project which was funded by IOM(International Organization for Migraiton). All the beneficiaries of the project from Kabartu 1 camp participated in the party and some of them shared their experiences they gained from the sessions and the impact of the sessions on their personalities and life with the attendees. At the end the beneficiaries participation was awarded by an appreciation letter.

Beneficiaries’ Feedback

Narin: “I am confident now and I can do anything without any fear”

Aysha: “I am taking care of myself and my family more and I am happy”

Hana: “After I became a member of Peer group, now I am able to express my feelings and thoughts”

Nahida: “I am very happy that I didn’t lose the opportunity of being one of the peer group members. I wish that this project continue that all the women and girls of the camp take part of such project”

One of the Success Stories of the Project:

“The Life Changing Decision the title of Madina from Kabartu 1 story: Madina had left her study six years ago. After Madina became a member of peer support group and specifically during the (Decision making session) when the facilitator and the group members were discussing about the subject, Madina said that the worst decision she made in her life was that when she left her study. The facilitator tried to convince her to start again and that it is never late. In the very beginning she wasn’t sure, because as she is older now. After the session, Madina thought about the subject and discussed with her husband and decided to start again. She registered for external study and started from where she left. She informed the facilitator very happily that she changed her mind and started to study again. Madina is now studying very hard, she is happy and dreaming for a brighter future.”