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Strengthening the Resilience of Adolescence in Garmawa camp

Strengthening the Resilience of Adolescence in Garmawa Camp-Duhok Governorate

a project of eight months funded by GIZ/Cevel Peace Services, started from 15 May and will continue to 15 December. The project seeks to build the resilience and to empower boys and girls adolescent from the age 10 to 20 years old through different sport, clubs, awareness, educational, life skills and recreational activities. Moreover, family engagement in the centre activities will be one of the main component the project will focus. Raising the awareness of parents about child rights, and gender equality is a way to protect the rights of adolescents that the project target. Furthermore, to support these target adolescent in both ways, to provide them a space in the community where they have the opportunity to build their skills and express their thoughts and feelings, and to encourage the parents to provide same safe space within their families for their children that they are able to express and improve.

The objective of the project; strengthening the resilience of adolescent through social support centre will be achieved through two main outcomes; I) improving the life skills and psychosocial wellbeing of adolescents, II) supporting and raising the awareness of parents.

The project is being implemented through different activities of; Sport, Clubs, Life skills and educational activities and Awareness raising.

The activities this project proposes will capacitate and empower adolescents to become active members in their community, in addition to improve their wellbeing and build their resilience in coping with life challenges and changes. Moreover, this project seeks to achieve improvement in the following aspect of the project participants; Individual development, Peace building and conflict prevention, life skills and gender equality.