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We seek to ensure basic needs are provided to the affected population whether through our direct aid or through linking them with other service providers

Transforming Lives: Fulfilling Basic Needs for Lasting Impact

Ensuring the provision of essential needs to vulnerable populations affected by crises is at the core of our humanitarian aid efforts. We recognize that meeting these basic needs is a vital prerequisite for fostering resilience, well-being, and empowerment among affected communities during and after times of conflict. While providing basic needs may not be the primary focus of BWO, we are committed to exploring all possible approaches to ensure that our target groups have access to the necessities they require. Our approach consists of two initiatives and projects. The first approach involves a referral system, where we establish connections between our beneficiaries and other service providers who can address their specific needs. Through this collaborative network, we strive to maximize support for those we serve. The second approach entails direct aid provision, where we supply essential non-food items directly to individuals and communities in need. By delivering these items through targeted interventions, we aim to alleviate immediate hardships and enhance the well-being of those affected. At BWO, we are dedicated to employing a comprehensive and strategic approach to humanitarian aid, ensuring that the basic needs of vulnerable populations are met while enabling their progress towards long-term stability and self-reliance.

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  • As the result of recent war (ISIS) in Iraq and especially in Kurdistan the economic situation of people worsened. According to the governmental statistics the rate of poverty increased from 2014 to 20% comparing to 2012 was 5.8%. Moreover, the huge number of IDPs (Internal displaced persons) and refugees are living in the region requires international support in different ways.

  • Funded by (UNICEF) in June 2022 in Duhok IDP Camps

  • Funded by (UNICEF) in December 2022 in Ninewa Governorate / Shingal District

  • On the 28 of July 2018 Better World Organization for Community Development with the support of KARDO organization and Go for Climate NGO, in coordination with DUHOK governorate. Opened a Second-Hand Exhibition of clothes, shoes and toys in Chersk School Hall, for the needy families in Duhok, Zawita, and Domiz. The project supported 150 families in the mentioned areas.