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BWO-Logo Cleared

In 2017 Better World Organization started with just a couple of motivated young volunteers who were envisioning a peaceful world where all people live in peace and happiness.



Better World Organization for Community Development (BWO) is a humanitarian, non-governmental organization (NGO), independent and non-profit established on 24th May 2017 in Kurdistan/Iraq under the code (3520-L). The organization registered in Baghdad on 3rd April 2019 under the number (1M1904006). A group of motivated young women founded the organization to work to empower and protect women, youth, and adolescents to improve the psychosocial and economic situation of people, and to advocate for social cohesion and peace in the community.




To ensure women, youth, and adolescents protection in which they have their rights and they are protected from all types of violence and discrimination and they are independent and empowered. To develop the community in which people accept and respect each other regardless to the religious, political, or ethnical differences.




A world where vulnerable and disadvantaged women, youths, adolescents and people with special needs have their rights, protected from all kind of violence and discrimination, empowered and live in peace and happiness.



  • Strengthening social relationships and coexistence among the different ethnic groups in the community.
  • To ensure protection for women and girls.
  • To advocate for women and girls rights.
  • To empower women and youth in all perspectives.
  • To build the resilience of people in the community especially youth and women.
  • To improve level of personal and community culture.


  • Participating in improving civilization and development habits in Kurdistan region and Iraq.
  • Taking advantage from other nation’s experience and civilizations and transmitting them to Kurdistan and land.
  • Collecting different classes of society to make their understanding to each other better.
  • Pushing the youths of homeland to open their own small projects by training them in suitable ways related to this field.
  • Implementing projects which empower women and youth in leadership and life skills and they are more stable psychologically and economically.