Second Hand Exhibition

As the result of recent war (ISIS) in Iraq and especially in Kurdistan the economic situation of people worsened. According to the governmental statistics the rate of poverty increased from 2014 to 20% comparing to 2012 was 5.8%. Moreover, the huge number of IDPs (Internal displaced persons) and refugees are living in the region requires international support in different ways.
Better World organization established to serve the community through different humanitarian projects. As part of the organization work, and in support of KARDO and Go for Climate organizations and in coordination with Duhok governorate "Second Hand Exhibition" has opened on 28th July, 2018. KARDO organization has provided a collection of second hand donations which consisted of (clothes, shoes, and toys) from Netherlands to Better World organization for needy families in Duhok.

Implemented Activities

During the period of 6 days from 23rd to 28th July, 2018 the below activities conducted in Chrisk School in Duhok city:

The collection of the second hand clothes has been transported from the store to the school

The hall has been organized in a way that invited beneficiaries can choses what they need in a comfort way

The team of the organization with the support of 15 young volunteers worked on the preparation. The hall of the school has been designed as a shop in which all the second hand material have been separated and packed on desks.
On 28th July the exhibition opened from 10th AM to 7th PM. Each 15 families invited in different hours that we avoided chaos and any kind of problem. 116 families visited the exhibition in the mentioned date. 688 individuals benefited from the materials. According to the number of family members the donations been presented to them for example when the family consisted of 4 members they had the right to select 10 pieces when they were 5 they could select 12 pieces and so on.
The remained material have been packaged and distributed to more 60 families (224 individuals) from host community in different locations in Duhok governorate like (Domiz, Zawita, Sumel, and Akre).
In total the number of benefited families is 176 from the project are and the number of individuals is 912.
The exhibition created a kind environment to the team working and beneficiaries who were invited. Refreshements (Water, Snakes, and Fruit) presented to all of them.
In addition to the second hand material from Netherlands the organization team visited a shoes shop in Duhok and collected 150 new shoes as donation for the exhibition.